Everything You Should Know Before You Purchase Collectable Vintage Lighters Online

If you collect antique lighters, you will be delighted to know that eBay has an impressive selection. Before you make your purchase, there are some things you should know about buying collectable lighters online.

Which vintage cigarette lighters can you find on eBay?

Old lighters have a unique charm, and eBay offers a large selection of vintage lighters that were made before 1970. Choose from well-known brands like Dunhill, Colibri, Hadson, Cartier, DuPont, Thorens, Rolstar, Zippo, and Ronson.

Your lighter can be windproof, or it might be attached to a keychain, cigarette case, or wallet. Some collectable lighters commemorate a specific event, like the Queen Elizabeth coronation. Other antique lighters feature a brand, such as the Marlboro Sunix advertisement.

The eBay website also has an array of collectable lighters that have unusual shapes. Choose an old lighter in the form of a standing gladiator, a pistol, an ox, a seal juggling a giant ball, a camera on a tripod, a donkey, a racing helmet, or a Jeep pick-up.

The large and varied selection of collectable lighters will ensure you find the perfect lighter to meet your style and budget specifications.

Distinguishing features of collectable vintage lighters

There are several basic product characteristics that you should consider before you purchase your collectable lighter.

  • Material: Most vintage lighters are made of silver, gold, brass, chrome, acrylic, or Lucite.
  • Type: Basic lighter types include tabletop, pocket, and disposable models.
  • Fuel: Lighters use butane, petrol, or oil.
  • Themes: Common patterns and motifs include floral, dragon, honeycomb, military, sports, Art Deco, and cowboy.
How do you recognise authentic vintage lighters?

If verifying the status of a collectable is something that you deem is important, you will be happy to know that there are ways that you can determine the authenticity of your old lighter.

Some listings will state that a lighter is authentic and might include a Certificate of Authenticity. In some cases, a lighter may be sold with its original packaging or gift box.

You might come across items that are new but that appear with the listings for antique lighters. Most likely, these are reproductions of an actual vintage collectable.

If having an antique lighter is not your top priority, purchasing a well-made reproduction can be a great way to save money while still getting a lighter that seems older and that has a vintage look.