The Living Past: Original WWII US Field Gear Equipment

World War II was one of the most significant wars in US history, and you can have a piece of that history by purchasing WWII equipment for sale on eBay. Or, if you know a WWII buff, you can pick them up some old equipment for Christmas. On eBay, you'll find a large selection of affordable WWII US Army field gear for sale, with many of the pieces being in good condition.

Is any of the reasonably priced WWII gear for sale weapons?

You can purchase World War II weapons on eBay. They are originals from that era and can be found in a variety of conditions. If it's a gun you're looking for, you can find M1 stocks and M1 magazines, but you won't find a fully assembled functioning firearm. You can also acquire bayonets and daggers.

Other types of used WWII US field gear for sale on eBay

Weapons aren't the only type of WWII US field gear you can buy. The following list contains some other types of WWII surplus equipment available:

  • Field packs and bags - You'll find a large selection of bags and packs, from aviator bags to combat and medic field packs. Because most of them are made from canvas, many are still in good condition.

  • Compass - WWII field compasses are available for purchase and many of them work. Some even come with a compass case.

  • Holsters and belts - Cloth and leather holsters are available for pistols and canteens. You can also find ammo belts made of cloth as well.

  • Canteens - Canteens are abundant on eBay. Many come with covers or carrying bags and can be found made from aluminum and porcelain.

Features you should you look for when shopping for WWII gear

Below you will find a couple of things to keep an eye out for when purchasing World War II equipment for sale.

  • Condition - There's nothing brand-new for sale from the time of the war, but there are items available that are unwrapped or unboxed. Additionally, you can find brand-new parts manufactured today that can be used with the old WWII gear you buy.

  • Markings - Some of the WWII gear on eBay come with markings or engravings that make them even more authentic and valuable, especially if you're a collector. You can find bags and wooden boxes with official stamps as well as metal boxes and compasses with engravings.