Collectable Woodworking Planes

Antique tool enthusiasts and keen carpenters can discover an exciting old or new device to get to work with among highly sought after collectable woodworking planes.

Old woodworking planes are among the most popular for tool collectors who want to find a rare antique to add to their selection, or by those who want to spend time working with a tool which would have been used by a craftsman in years gone by. Both new and antique planes are also interesting to carpenters who want to experience the traditional craft of hand woodworking.

You can select your chosen woodworking plane by selecting from the manufacturer which interests you. Pick from Stanley, Veritas, Norris and Marples. Or shop by featured refinements including block plane, spokeshave, drawknife, smoothing plane and vintage plane among others.

Antique Stanley planes are among the most popular for collectors, the American company first started manufacturing woodworking planes in the 19th century, and still produces them today. A collector can keep an eye out for vintage Stanley planes from the 20th century and for modern models to help you produce the design and finish you are after.

British brand Norris manufactured woodworking planes from 1860 until 1958, which means it is a good name to look out for if you are after an antique. Among the Norris planes, you can expect to find shoulder planes, smoothing planes and infill planes.

Veritas is a popular Canadian producer of hand tools today and is ideal for the woodworker looking for contemporary tools, which have been made with both tradition and innovation in mind. New and used Veritas woodworking planes regularly come up for sale, such as router planes, shoulder planes and bullnose planes.

There are also a number of modern planes that are highly sought after due to their specialised use. Some will be of great use to a cabinet maker, whilst others for broader, handy-man type jobs.

Whether you are a collector of antique woodworking planes, or are after that ideal piece of equipment for a particular project, you are sure to find the tool to suit you with an extensive selection available.