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Colmic Fishing Hooks

Established in 1978, fishing equipment manufacturer, Colmic produces fishing products for the worldwide angling community. With a commitment to perfectly combining technology and design, the company is a trusted global brand. They produce a range of equipment, including fishing lines and floats. Colmic fishing hooks are a staple piece of kit with many anglers across the globe.

The type of hook an angler needs depends on the type of fish they are looking to catch. So it's important that anglers think carefully about their target species before getting started. If the hook is too small, it's more likely to be swallowed so it's harder to remove and could harm the fish. Too large and the hook will look so artificial that the fish won't come anywhere near it.

To fully benefit from these quality hooks, use a Colmic fishing tackle as well. This will increase the efficiency of your fishing.

Colmic J hooks

As well as different sizes of fishing hook , there are several different styles too. J hooks (unsurprisingly) look like the letter J. Colmic J hooks are popular because they fit easily into the fish's mouth and then grab onto something on the way out. A simple yet effective design, the size of J hook required depends on the fish being caught - larger species such as pike will need a larger hook than smaller fish, such as perch.

Colmic circle hooks

Circle hooks come in several different sizes too. They differ from J hooks in that they curve backwards in more of a C-shape (or circle.) Circle hooks are popular with anglers because they're rarely swallowed, so fish mortality rates are low. Circle hooks can be used for saltwater and freshwater fishing. Smaller hooks work well for things like plaice, while larger sizes suit fish such as bass.

Colmic Aberdeen hooks

Aberdeen hooks are probably the most versatile - and therefore most popular - style of fishing hook. Most anglers in the UK will usually have several Aberdeen hooks in their kit at any one time. Colmic Aberdeen fishing hooks are popular with anglers targeting flatfish thanks to a long shank, which makes them easy to remove from the fish. A small hook works best for smaller fish such as mullet, and larger sizes work for things like cod and bass.

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