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Coloured Camera Lens Filters

Using coloured camera lens filters enables you to change the colour balance of a shot to be in line with the specific photographic effect you are aiming for. For example, a coloured lens can add warmth to a shot on an overcast day or provide a cooler appearance on a brighter, sunny day.

Coloured lens filters

There are a range of coloured lens filters. They come in a wide selection of colours including red, orange, blue, green, black and white and many more, which means you can be sure to find the right lens filter colour for your needs.

A yellow filter is ideal for when you want to reduce the haze in a shot by darkening the sky. These filters provide contrast to black and white film and deliver highly accurate colour tones when making up for the blue sensitivity in panchromatic film, which is sensitive to the visible colours of the spectrum.

Many of these filters also contain a multi resistant coating. This coating provides anti-reflection properties as well as increasing the light transmission.

Other types of camera lens filters

Some lens filters are designed to provide a soft focus to the image being captured. These are usually known as a soft lens filter and work by making the image appear less sharp. One useful application of this type of lens filter is to remove facial marks on a subject's skin or to soften undesirable details on an object, which gives the object or individual itself a softer appearance.

Another type of camera lens filter is the ultra violet lens filter. This type of lens filter is designed to block out strong ultra violet light which will reduce the hazing effect which glare from sunlight can produce. Ultra violet filters can be found in a range of strengths.

Some UV camera lens filters block out more UV light than others. Another benefit of ultra violet filters is their ability to reduce the 'ghosting' effect in which an unwanted purple fringe may appear on the edge of the subject.

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