Find Your Favourite Commando UK Comics on eBay

Commando comics can make great gifts. These are historically accurate comics that depict various conflicts throughout history that have detailed artwork and storylines that are easy to follow. There are many options of both new and used copies on eBay.

Which war are the Commando comics based on?

The early years of the Commando comics were stories about World War II. Action and adventure are always part of the Commando series, but there have been a few that were not war-related. A few comics were created that had a Western theme, and a few were science fiction. While historical accuracy was important to the comic artists, there are a handful of fictional conflicts included in the Commando series. However, the bulk of the comics cover World War II and the following conflicts:

  • World War I
  • Cold War
  • Spanish Civil War
  • the Falklands
  • Korea
  • Vietnam
What size and format are the Commando comics?

Most of the Commando comics are 7 inches by 5½ inches. They are generally 68 pages long. Most stories are roughly 135 panels, which is the same length as 22 pages in a standard-sized comic book. Sound effects are not often used. Rather, the story is depicted through captions of the pictures and dialogues. The creators of Commando wanted the stories to be easy to read and not filled with unnecessary details that would make the story hard to follow. The early Commando comics are black and white, except for the covers. Some of the more recent ones have partial colour.

Are Commando comics worth much?

Commando comics for sale that are under the number 100 are considered rarer and may sell for more. Commando comics from the 1960s fall under this category as well as some of the Commando comics from the 1970s. Commando comics do not run in order as a sequence but rather are numbered in the order they were published. You do not have to have subsequent numbers to understand the stories. There were a few series published, but most of the time, they were created to be stand-alone comics. If you are just looking to increase your Commando collection, you can get lots of second hand Commando comics on eBay for really reasonable prices. If you are a collector and looking for a specific title, you may have to spend a little more.