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Everything You Need to Know Before Choosing a Taxi Radio

Technology changed the way passengers book a taxi from online booking to mobile applications. If you want to start an old fashion taxi service, then you may want to buy a taxi radio. You can find used and new taxi radio listings on eBay.

How does a dispatch radio work?

A dispatch radio works with the help of radio signals. A passenger calls a helpline number for the service and requests a cab. The operator communicates with the driver through radio signals and a taxi radio dispatch system. The driver has to know how to listen to taxi radio to get the nearest cab to the passenger.

Drivers must stay in touch with dispatch using radio signals. They must know how to listen to taxi radio to stay connected to the manual dispatch software. This software has information that lets you know the locations of cabs in the system. When dispatch finds the nearest driver, the cab reaches the customer at the required time and place.

How do you get local frequencies on this radio?

Local taxi radio frequencies are available in two pairs with the use of a taxi radio dispatch system. One frequency is used for the dispatcher to communicate with drivers and another frequency is used for the drivers to talk back. It usually means that drivers are unable to communicate with each other.

Some drivers have a CB radio in addition to the company radio. You can find used and new two-way taxi radios on eBay at affordable prices. A two-way taxi radio allows you to communicate with other drivers without disrupting the local taxi radio frequencies to the dispatcher.

What are the available features for a two-way radio?

Features are important when deciding on the right two-way radio. The Push to talk (PTT) button is a common feature. Its function is to activate the transmitter. This button works with a single press and you can start talking immediately. You have to release the PTT button to hear the person’s response.

Range is another feature to consider when making your purchase on eBay. The number of miles advertised on the package is the amount of range you get under perfect circumstances. Certain things can affect your range like trees, vehicles, and weather. However, these radios offer a variety of features depending on your needs. Other features may include:

  • Scanning
  • Dual watch
  • Voting scan mode
  • Follow me scan

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