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Commercial Shipping & Storage Containers

Commercial Shipping and Storage Containers

The modern shipping container concept was born in the 1950s with the introduction of the intermodal freight container, a standardised shipping container designed to be moved from one mode of transport to another. This container concept revolutionised the globalisation of commerce and today there are around 17 million containers in service. Discover a varied range of commercial shipping containers

Shipping Container Sizes

Commercial shipping containers make excellent storage units and there are many available in various ISO standard sizes including 40 foot and the compact, versatile and relatively inexpensive 20 foot length. The standard height of a shipping storage container is 8 feet and 6 inches. There are also hi-cube storage containers that have a height of 9 feet and 6 inches.

Used Shipping Containers

For a more affordable option, shipping containers that have seen several years of service are available. Although still watertight and otherwise sound, these years of operation are reflected in their overall condition.

One-Trip Containers

One-trip shipping containers are manufactured overseas, generally in Asia, and have only been used for a single container cargo load in a single direction. They are considered new or like new and sold as such.

Cut Down Shipping and Storage Containers

Cut down commercial shipping and storage containers are available in a wide range of sizes and may also include modifications to their ends (double door, single door or no doors), alterations to the floors and security mechanisms and, in some cases, wall and ceiling insulation will be added to prevent condensation.

Shipping and Storage Container Modification

Not all containers are used for storage. For example, they can commonly be seen on building sites where theyve been modified into site offices. Theyre also turned into homes, catering units and shop units, all of which may occasionally be seen for sale.

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