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The Right Complete Engine for Your BMW Series I Car

BMW Series 1 cars had several different engine choices. If you are repairing one, then it is crucial to find the one that is right for your car. Shopping for new or preowned complete engines for BMW Series I cars on eBay can help you make that decision.

Were there petrol and diesel engines available for BMW Series 1 first-generation cars?

Yes. Honda built BMW Series I first-generation cars, like the E81, E82, E87, and E88, with both petrol and diesel engines. Three different petrol engines were available. The BMW N43 naturally aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine was an option from 2006 to 2011. You can find BMW 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre options in these aluminium-block engines. BMW Series I models from 2004 to 2011 were also built with BMW N45 engines. These naturally aspirated four-cylinder engines offer higher engine speeds.

BMW N46 engines were also put in some first-generation cars built between 2004 and 2011. Like other petrol options, this engine is a naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine. You can also find these models with 3-litre engines in them, including BMW N52, BMW N54, and BMW N55 engines. All three of these choices are turbocharged straight-six engines.

Finally, you can also find turbodiesel BMW M47 and BMW N47 engines. You may be able to find a BMW N47 engine by looking for engines from other series, because it was used in the 5 Series BMW E60 and E61 and the 3 Series E90, E91, E92, E93, and in the X3 and X1.

Series I F20 and F21 BMW engine choices

F20 and F21 BMW Series I vehicles came with a variety of engine choices. You can find 10 different engines in these two vehicles. Petrol engines include the three-cylinder B38 engine, the four-cylinder N40 engine, the four-cylinder N20 engine, the straight-six N55 engine, and the inline-six B58 engine. You will also see BMW Series I F20 and F21 with 1.5-litre B37 engines along with B37 and N47 2-and-3-litre engines.

What engines are available for BMW 1 Series F40?

The F40 starts the third generation of BMW40 cars, and you can find four engines for this vehicle that were introduced in 2019. When shopping on eBay for BMW Series I engines for this vehicle, you can find B37 and B47 diesel engines for them along with B38 three-cylinder and B48 inline-four engines. Cars with an i following the model number have a gas engine, while those with model numbers followed by a "d" have diesel engines.