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Containers and pre-fabricated buildings

If youre looking for a flexible office space, extra storage for your home or are starting or expanding a business, choosing containers or pre-fabricated buildings is a great way to achieve this. These portable and cost-effective buildings offer the perfect solution for a range of uses. They are available in a wide range of materials and sizes, each specific to a business or home requirements and also offer a handy and affordable way to help with storage needs.

Business use

Investing in traditional business premises may be costly, especially for companies that are starting out or expanding. Pre-fabricated buildings offer a great solution to this by providing a flexible and affordable solution without the need for expensive running costs. There is a range of sizes available from portacabins and office modules to shipping containers ready for conversion. The variety of fabrications available includes durable materials such as steel and heavy-duty plastics, which also provide weather resistance and a safe and secure environment for business and home use.

Shipping containers

Converting a shipping container into a home or office space has become a popular way to make use of these portable storage options. Their strong and durable exterior combined with a spacious interior is ideal for converting into a small office or for keeping as general storage.

Modular home and business solutions

Containers and pre-fabricated units and buildings create an affordable option for a range of uses. Pre-fabricated examples also include modular units which are easily constructible and portable whilst providing a unique appearance dependent on requirements. They also offer a low maintenance solution with thermal efficient features to keep costs down. They can also be used for a wide range of businesses in the form of a shop, kiosk and office dependant on your business needs.

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