Stylish Women's Converse High Tops for Casual Wear

Converse has created an extensive line of trainers that come in a variety of colours and style. Women's high tops are shoes that you can wear in different casual settings whether it's a pool party or a day out in town. Find women's Converse high tops on eBay for any occasion.

Why does Converse use gum rubber sole in its shoes?

A gum rubber sole is suitable for athletic footwear specifically for indoor use. The rubber doesn't ruin delicate floors because it doesn't scratch or scuff the surface. It is why Chuck Taylors are ideal for sports such as tennis, badminton, and squash. The gum rubber sole heats up with increased movement, which improves the grip of the shoe. It makes Converse high tops ideal for walking on smooth surfaces. Converse uses natural rather than synthetic rubber, meaning that it can be vulcanised to create soles that can withstand prolonged use.

Are all Converse high tops the same?

Although it may not seem like it, Converse trainers come in different models that cater to different lifestyles. The main models include:

  • Chuck Taylor All Stars: These shoes are the most recognisable and are available in a unisex design. They were released in 1923 with the design remaining the same over the years. These shoes have a white toe cap in rubber and a stitched top.
  • Converse Jack Purcell: Originally made by BF Goodrich as athletic footwear, Converse bought the model in the 1960s. The design was by badminton legend Jack Purcell and the shoes feature a signature smile on the toe cap.
  • Converse One Star: These were introduced in 1974 as a low-cut style but has since evolved to include high tops. The original shoes were first popular for skaters and slowly gained prominence for street use.
How do you get the right Converse size?

The model of women's Converse hi-tops that you pick will determine how to size them. If you are getting Chuck Taylor All Stars, Converse recommends going half a size smaller than your regular measurement. For example, if you are a 6, get All Stars in a 5.5. Note that for some wearers, it may be necessary to go a whole size lower. The Converse Jack Purcell line runs true to size, so it is simple to get the right pair. As for the CONS, some models like Star Player Mid require you to go half a size lower while others are true to size.

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