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Choosing the Right Electric Kettle

Electric kettles are known for being fast and accurate when it comes to boiling water. Whether you're looking for hot water for your tea, noodles, or anything else, an electric kettle will ensure that you get it as quickly as possible. This buying guide will cover basic features and elements you can choose from so that you can confidently buy a new or pre-owned electric kettle from eBay.

What materials are electric kettles made from?

There are three materials commonly used to make these kettles. While some buyers prefer one material over the other, all three function nearly the same, and you should be able to get hot water in a matter of minutes. The three materials are the following:

  • Plastic: This material is moderately durable and can be made in a variety of colours. If you're looking for a red, white, or black electric kettle, then it will likely be made from plastic.
  • Stainless steel: These kettles are highly durable and have a strong metallic shine. They are often heavier than other materials, which is good if you want a strong, sturdy kettle.
  • Glass: Normally, the centre is made from glass while the top and bottom are either plastic or metal. These are good for people who want an aesthetically pleasing kettle.
What is the right electric kettle size?

This largely depends on how much tea you intend on drinking at a time. If this kettle is only for you or you only plan on making one or two cups of tea at a time, then a smaller model should be fine. Look for kettles with a capacity of about 1 litre.

If you intend on brewing more tea than this for a family, then you'll want a larger model of about 2 or 3 litres.

What extra features are available with electric kettles?

There are a number of extra features to choose from. Some of the most common are the following:

  • Keep warm: This feature will ensure that the water maintains a consistent temperature within the kettle. This is good if you have to step away for a moment.
  • Auto shutoff: Keeping the kettle on wastes power and may even be a fire hazard. This ensures that the kettle turns off if it hasn't been used for a few minutes.
  • Water gauge: This will show you how much water is in the kettle. If you just want to heat a specific amount of water, then this is ideal.
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