A Guide to Finding Corinthian Football Figures for Your Collection

Whether you're someone who likes collecting miniatures, a die-hard football fan, or both, you may be well-acquainted with Corinthian football figures. You may wish to purchase a model of that one player you're missing or start to build a collection from scratch. Here are some suggestions for purchasing affordable Corinthian figures on eBay:

Shopping for original Corinthian football figures

Corinthian big head football figures have been around for decades, and if you're looking for something with resale value, an original, new-in-box figure may be what you're looking for. These releases typically come with a collector's card. If your main concern is high resale value, be sure that the boxes themselves are also in new condition, as a bent or worn box may detract from the value.

If resale is not a top concern, you still will likely be able to find figurines in excellent shape without the boxes. Because rare Corinthian football figures' value will vary with condition, be sure to carefully scrutinise each picture and listing to confirm that the figures are in an acceptable condition.

What should you look for in a custom figure?

Not all Corinthian figures offered on eBay have the original finish. Over the years, a sizable market has developed for repainted figures. In many cases, an owner will repaint a figure to resemble a football player who hasn't had one made for him. In other cases, the painter has restored a faded or chipped figure to its original glory.

While these repaints are done by hand, most are skilfully executed and have a professional appearance. Most listings will include assessments of the repaint quality. If you are willing to have your collection contain refinished figures, adding repaints to your search will allow you to include unique pieces.

Other purchase options to consider

If you're someone looking to just begin a Corinthian football figures collection, or to significantly and quickly bolster that collection, you may want to consider purchasing a lot of these figures. Purchasing by the lot may save you money in the long run. In addition, some lots offered for sale will come with a display stand for your figures. Others offer a collection, usually of six or more, all new in boxes. As with the repaints, most gently used Corinthian football figures lots listings honestly assess the condition of the figures, which, in some cases, will have slight scratches or marks.