Vintage Costume Jewellery (1950s)

Vintage Costume Jewellery (1950s)

If youre looking for some vintage costume jewellery to polish up an outfit, 1950s designs are ideal. The era is known for its fancy, stylish jewellery, as a decade that experienced an upturn in wealth and a focus on glamour.

Here on eBay, you can find original products from the 1950s as well as 1950s inspired jewellery in both new and use condition.


Necklaces from this decade are often big, bold and have lots of embellishment. They will add a sure finish to any look and freshen up any favourite outfit. Crystals, pearls, diamante and rhinestones were all commonly used. You can also find glass and imitation stones if your budget is lower. Examples include vintage, pink rhinestone neck collars, and chic diamante rhinestone necklaces.


Earrings from the 1950s were just as decorative. You can find similar stones to those found in necklaces, perfect for adding a glamorous touch to any outfit. Classic pieces, to give you some idea, range from pretty floral clip-ons, to vintage glass flower drop earrings and black, glittering crystal ear clips from original shops, like Kramer of New York.


Dressing from head to toe means thinking about how best to show off your sophisticated side, and a bracelet can add something special. Dazzling, multi-layered rhinestone bracelets, art deco gold bridal bracelets and delicate vintage cocktail bracelets are all options. To accessorise to perfection, you can even check out bracelet, earring or necklace sets.

Brooch pins

Often overlooked as an item of day-to-day jewellery, brooches played a big part of outfits in the 1950s. Used to add a finishing touch to anything from jackets to headscarves, theyre as versatile as they are glamorous. You can find originals from the era that feature colourful rhinestones in stand-out designs, quaint mosaic style pieces and pretty enamel brooches.