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Cotton Sateen Bedding

Sateen is similar to satin in its appearance, having a shiny lustre on one side. Cotton sateen bedding provides a great mix of comfort and style for your bed, coming in many different styles, designs and colours to suit every bedroom.

The glossy surface of sateen bedding makes it perfect to add an extra shine to your bedroom decoration. This allows you to match or offset the other décor in the room, with the bedding's sheen giving some warmth and depth to the look and feel of the bed.

Some different types of cotton sateen bedding

You can get cotton sateen bed linens and sets that allow you to make up a traditional style bed, comprised of sheets and blankets. The set can be completed with sateen pillowcases, too, if you like the way they look and feel.

Fitted sheets are easy to place on your mattress, with their design being based on fitting exactly to the size of the bed so you don't have to fold them underneath. They come in a variety of colours and patterns so you can match up your sheets to the rest of the room.

Quilts and bedspreads in a cotton sateen material can be plain colours or decorative patterns. You may want to complement your existing walls with a similar colour, or perhaps your taste is more to contrast the styling of the rest of the room with a brighter or darker colour on the bed.

Duvets are also commonly made from cotton sateen, with many different styles according to your own taste. Duvets will be available in different tog sizes, depending on the temperature outside so you can have a warmer duvet in the winter months.

Duvet covers in sateen can be simple, plain white or another single colour, or you may opt for a patterned design. Darker, more complicated patterns may appeal to people with a traditional style sense, where brighter, bolder designs may suit a more contemporary feel in a room.

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