Council Paving Slabs

Use Compressed Concrete Council Paving Slabs for Superior Durability

Council paving slabs are made out of compressed concrete for improved load-bearing properties. These grey concrete paving slabs are use by councils because of their exceptional durability. You can find a range of low-cost council paving slabs on eBay.

How are standard wet cast paving slabs made?

Concrete paving slabs are made by pouring concrete mix into a mould. The concrete is then screeded manually as it moves along a vibrating conveyor belt to achieve a level finish. The slab moulds are placed on racking and allowed to cure. After the concrete is set, the paving slabs are removed from the mould and allowed to cure before packing.

Why are council paving slabs more durable than other slabs?

Council paving slabs are made out of compressed concrete which has better strength and durability than normal concrete. To achieve this superior strength, wet concrete mix is poured into a mould that has been lined with textured paper, but at this point the mix composition includes excess water and lots of trapped air. Air can account for anywhere between 10% and 30% of the total mix volume and is distributed irregularly throughout the concrete. Particle friction allows the concrete to support itself in this honeycombed composition, and the air pockets would become permanent inclusions if the concrete were allowed to dry in this state. To remove the trapped air, the mould is covered with another sheet of textured paper and is then hydraulically pressed for a duration of between 5 and 20 seconds. This forces the trapped air bubbles and excess water out of the mix through drainage holes in the bottom of the mould, and vacuum channels on the hydraulic presses upper dye. Adhesive particles fill the voids left around the sand and aggregate. The mix also levels out under the pressure and fills the form in a uniform manner. Because there are no voids in compressed concrete, it is more durable and far less susceptible to water ingress and freeze-thaw damage. The textured paper gives the paving slabs a non-slip surface and is removed once the concrete has cured. All British Standard paving is hydraulically pressed.

What sizes are council paving slabs available in?

British Standard council paving is available in a range of sizes and depths. Some of the most common sizes are:

  • 450 x 450.
  • 600 x 300.
  • 600 x 450.
  • 600 x 600.
  • 750 x 600.
  • 900 x 300.