Cowboy Boots

Roam free in Cowboy Boots

What was once a practical piece of footwear has long since become a fashion must-have: Cowboy boots. Inspired by the boots worn in the Wild West, cowboy boots are comfortable, enduring footwear, and they look great, too. Various styles and sizes are available for avid shoppers on eBay.

What features characterise cowboy boots?

Initially made for comfort and practicality when riding horses out west, cowboy boots have a pointed toe, and mid-shin length uppers. The boots often have straps or loops at the top of the legs in order to be pulled on easily. Made from leather for both comfort and protection, cowboy boots feature a slight heel, designed primarily to prevent the cowboy from falling out of his stirrups. As fashionable footwear, cowboy boots are easily customizable and come in a variety of designs and colours. Some cowboy boots feature colourful appliqué designs, based on traditional stitching patterns used in the original cowboy boot designs.

What can cowboy boots be worn with?

The beauty of cowboys boots is that they can be worn by men or women, and they work with almost every look possible:

  • Skirts: Cowboy boots work well with both maxi dresses or mini skirts. A popular choice reminiscent of the Wild West is also an A-line cut skirt. Neutral, natural colours, such as browns and ochres, often complement the cowgirl style.
  • Jeans: In keeping with the Wild West theme, cowboy boots can be worn easily with jeans. Bootcut jeans are a comfortable choice with this footwear and work well for both sexes. Alternatively, skin-tight jeans can be tucked into cowboy boots.
  • Shorts: Cowboy boots can be paired with very short shorts, usually worn by women, or even coupled with culottes. Again, its wise to opt for natural tones.
How should these boots be cared for?

Traditional cowboy boots are made from leather and, as such, they will require care. To keep them looking good, clean away any dust from the boots using a soft brush, and use saddle soap to create a lather for cleaning the shoes. Here its important to let the soap dry on the boots, as it leaves a protective waxy finish. Regularly wiping down the boots using a soft cloth will keep them free from any dirt, too. Boots made from synthetic leather will benefit from a simple wipe with a mild soap solution. When it comes to real leather boots, a good maintenance regime can help extend their durability and beauty.