Crab Trap Fishing Nets

Crab Trap Fishing Nets

There are a wide selection of crab trap fishing nets available which are suitable for catching a variety of creatures as well as crabs. There are many options available to ensure that you can finds the right fishing net to suit your needs.

Cage traps are a metal cage which are baited and then lowered and casted into the water. When in the water the cage sinks to the bed and attracted crabs and lobster, trapping them inside when you pull up the cage.

Types of nets and traps

Cage styles traps come in a variety of sizes and are designed to spend long periods of time in the water, so are manufactured to be strong and highly durable. One downside to a cage crab trap is that is can be awkward to transport and store due to its weight.

Net style traps are made from fishing net and can be lowered or pulled through the water. These can be used to catch a variety of creatures depending on the strength of the net and size of the holes in the netting.

Fishing nets can come in a number of different shapes from wide square drop nets, which capture crabs and fish as they are pulled out of the water, to box style net traps which work the same way as a metal cage trap.

Crab trap fishing nets are used to capture a selection of creatures, the most common being crabs, lobsters, crawfish traps . There are different types of nets and traps available to suit different environments. Traps made out of fishing nets are lightweight and fold away, making them easy to transport and store.

Another type of trap is the shrimp pot . This trap is small and easy to carry and even folds down when you need to transport it.

Crab traps and fishing nets are manufactured to be highly durable and come in a wide variety of sizes for capturing different sized creatures. This allows you to find a net or trap best suited for you needs.