Helpful Information Concerning Foam Sheets

Inexpensive foam sheets can be used in crafting, insulation, and reupholstering projects. The crafting and DIY material is available in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, colours, and exterior textures. Foam sheeting to meet any needs can be found on eBay.

How many foam sheet varieties are there?

There are sheets of foam available to meet any crafting or insulation need. This type of foam is often used in crafting to create unique projects and stickers. It is also a good insulator or re-upholstery project. Varieties of sheet foam include the following:

  • Wide range of colours
  • Many size options, including standard paper size sheets and by the yard
  • Glitter sheets
  • Sheets with peel-off sticky backs
  • Pre-cut shapes
Can foam sheeting be used as insulators?

Yes, it is possible to use sheet foam as insulation. Foam sheeting made of plastic and polystyrene are created with small air bubbles in the material. The air bubbles don't allow heat to transfer through the material, so it traps heat. The fact that the material is moisture-resistant and extremely dense makes it perfect for insulation.

When cut into sheets, the product is also easy to install, especially when compared to other types of insulation like spray-on insulation. The most used foam insulation thicknesses range between 1 and 3 centimetres.

What sheet foam should be used in upholstering?

Upholstery sheet foam is denser than foam sheeting used in crafting. For a long-lasting seat, shoppers should choose foam that is highly resilient and has a density of 3 pounds per cubic foot. Most foam sheeting with the ability to meet these requirements is made of polyurethane and is called "latex foam."

Sheet foam made to create seating is usually sold in yards and comes in a variety of colours including green, yellow, and white. Sheet foam can also be cut into shapes such as circles, rectangles, squares, or something more unique to cover any furniture size or shape.

Can foam sheeting be cut into shapes?

Yes, the ability to cut foam sheeting without the material losing its integrity or shape is one of the reasons it is often used by crafters for simple or complex projects. The material can be cut to fit an area without compromising the material. A variety of shapes can be cut from one sheet of the material. When the material is cut, the remnants can be used as stuffing or used with another project.