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Crocs Women's Sandals

Crocs Sandals and Beach Shoes for Women

Recognisable for their practical design and comfortable wear, Crocs are a popular brand of womens footwear. When it comes to warmer weather and holidays, Crocs sandals and beach shoes for women are a great option thanks to their wide range of choice and ease of wear.

Fabulous Flip-Flops

Summer wouldnt be summer without a favourite pair of flip-flops to flit around in and with Crocs there are several different styles to pick from. There are Crocs ladies flip-flops which feature the classic toe post and straps over the feet and youll also find ‘sliders too. These have the benefit of being open like flip-flops to allow your feet to cool down but they have just one band over the foot instead of the toe post. If youre not keen on the feel of the toe post then sliders are an ideal choice.

The Sloane flip-flop features a slightly thicker sole which would be good if you prefer your footwear to provide a little more stability. Both the Sloane and the regular flip-flops have a textured insole to prevent feet from slipping around while walking.

From the Beach to Summer Parties

As well as offering very relaxed footwear there are plenty of glitzier shoes to choose from with Crocs. The Lina sandal has a supportive piece at the heel and also a strap across the top of the foot which is embellished with patterns and beading. This is perfect if you want something that will be suitable for a summer party and still want the comfort and practicality of flat shoes.

Tropical Prints and Colours

The range of Crocs sandals come in a rainbow of different colours, so no matter what your outfit or bikini is like youll be sure to find the right Crocs sandals or beach shoes for you. Why not go for a brightly coloured print for a relaxing beach holiday or try a bright pink for days at the park in the British sun.