Diversify Your Style with Elegant Culottes

Culottes are diverse garments that you can incorporate into various styles. Culottes have flared legs that give them a different look from regular trousers. They also have several variations, including culotte jumpsuits, that increase the range of options for shoppers. On eBay, you can find culottes of different fabrics, styles, and colours.

How are culottes different from skorts?

Mistaking culottes for skorts is a common practice due to the almost similar design of the two clothing items. They look like a long skirt that is divided down the middle. The wide legs give the garment a distinct appearance of large trousers. Skorts are partly skirt and partly shorts. From behind, the garment looks like a pair of shorts and is usually worn the same way. The difference is that skorts have a flap at the front that gives them the illusion of a skirt. Mostly, skorts are designed as sportswear. Culottes are longer than skorts although they dont usually go all the way down to the ankles like standard trousers.

How do you size culottes right?

These garments can be tricky to size because they are not designed for a tight fit. If you get a pair that is too baggy, they can look sloppy. Some tips to help with proper sizing include:

  • Find the right length. Culottes come in many lengths, so the height and preference of the wearer will determine the correct choice. The majority of them fall somewhere around the middle of the calf. However, you can get a shorter pair for a more casual outfit.
  • The fit around the waist and thighs should be snug so that the rest of the garment flows from the hips to form an attractive silhouette.
  • Consider the volume because it will contribute to the size. A pair that has too many dress details may look too large on a slim frame. Pockets add bulk as well. The piece should be streamlined for a flattering silhouette of the wearer.
What should you pair with culottes?

The high waist and wide legs of this particular garment require caution when matching them with other pieces. A fitted blouse that falls to the waist will complete a formal look. You can opt to tuck it in or leave it out, depending on the style. Always try to keep the top non-bulky. You can add a simple jacket when its chilly. Midriff tops work well with culottes for casual looks. Sweaters are appropriate during the fall weather. For shoes, the garment pairs well with various styles from high heels to trainers.