Curtain and Blind Tie Backs for the Perfect Finishing Touch

You've put time and effort into choosing the perfect set of curtains - don't ruin that look by neglecting the details. Find curtain and blind tie backs for sale on eBay, and turn accessorising your home into an art. Whatever style of curtains or blinds you've opted for, you'll find the ideal tie backs waiting for you.

Styles of curtain and blind tie backs

If you're not familiar with the world of curtains, don't worry - here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

  • Tie backs will literally tie the curtain material in place. They most always are made of something soft and flexible, suitable to be tied. A silken rope is a common choice, but jewelled, bedazzled, and beaded versions are also available.
  • Hold backs are solid, usually made from metal, and hook the curtain where you want it to be. Rather than tying, they hold curtains securely and create a very different image from tie backs.
  • Blind tie backs work like clips. They are usually solid, like curtain hold backs, but are often made of plastic or a similar material.
  • Magnetic curtain and blind tie backs are increasingly common. These use subtle internal magnetics to fix in place, rather than tying like a classic tie back.
Curtain tie backs vs hold backs

Both curtain tie backs and hold backs can look attractive, but choosing between them comes down to more than just aesthetics. Tie backs are better for medium weight curtains, while heavier fabric demands a hold back to firmly keep it in place. Very light, eyelet-style fabrics can have a tie back, but may not actually need it.

How should you choose your curtain tie back colour?

When selecting a colour, it's important to remember where the tie back will be - at the side of the curtains, on the wall. As such, you need to think about the wall colour as well as the curtain itself. Go for a contrasting tone that looks quite different from your wall to make the tie back stand out, or choose close, almost-matching tones for a softer, more soothing look.

How can you take care of curtain tie backs?

Curtain and blind tie backs should last a long time if treated well. Hold backs, as they are usually made of metal, are the sturdiest of all. Tie backs should never be yanked or pulled too tightly. Always untie the tie back to let the curtain down, rather than trying to pull the fabric out of the tie.