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Cycling Hydration Backpack

Since the bicycle was invented in the early 19th century, people have used cycling as a means of transportation particularly in cities where traffic congestion is problematic. Cycling isn't just an environmentally friendly form of transportation, it's also an incredibly effective form of exercise. As with any physical activity, it's important that cyclists stay hydrated, which is where a cycling hydration backpack comes in handy.

The importance of staying hydrated when cycling

All cyclists need to make sure they stay hydrated while they're on the bike. Whether training or competing, road cycling or mountain biking, becoming dehydrated can lead to things like an increased core temperature, reduced perspiration rate and lowered blood volume, which can all contribute to reduced performance. Dehydration leads to longer recovery times, which means longer gaps between sessions.

Hydration backpacks are easier to use than a sports bottle and often have a greater capacity. They sit comfortably on the back and have a tube that can loom over your shoulder for easy drinking on the go. This means you don't have to struggle one handed with a bottle. Available in a large range of colours, most bags will incorporate reflective materials for greater visibility on the road and at night, providing an element of safety.

Using a cycling hydration backpack

There are several reasons that cyclists prefer to use a cycling hydration backpack rather than a water bottle. They're convenient. No need to stop or slow down to drink. They aid performance as cyclists tend to drink more when using a cycling hydration backpack because they're so convenient, which can mean enhanced overall performance. They come in several different sizes so that cyclists looking for something lightweight, as well as those looking for maximum capacity are all catered for.

The pouch is removable for easy filling and cleaning and many will have extra pouches and compartments to serve as a regular backpack too.

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