Cycling Shoes and Overshoes

Cycling shoes have been manufactured for users to wear specifically whilst they are cycling to provide more comfort and support, something that everyday shoes won't do as well. On the other hand, overshoes are designed to be fitted over the cycling shoe so are flexible in material. These overshoes can offer you protection from the elements when on a longer cycling trip, ensuring that your feet stay warm and dry.

Both cycling shoes and overshoes are available for men, women and children to ensure no matter what age you start your cycling hobby, you can be equipped from the start.


All major cycling companies manufacture and sell their own cycling shoes and overshoes this includes Shimano, Giro and Mavic to name a few. They vary in different design, colours and sizes but all offer features that are ideal for cycling in all conditions.

Cycling shoes

Cycling shoes come in a variety of different types, designs and styles and have a number of different features that have been made to accommodate different types of cycling . Some of these can include mountain biking, road cycling and fitness cycling. Whether you're cycling in forests and along mountain trails, on the road doing timed races or in a spinning class, cycling shoes can provide the vital comfort in all these conditions. Whether you're a beginner or cycling pro, a great pair of cycling shoes will ensure you can accomplish your cycling goals whatever they may be.

Cycling shoes are hard, solid shoes that give you with the strength and support to provide the right amount of power between your foot and the bike pedal . A range of features combined make a great cycling shoe and help with your precision, power transfer and comfort.


Overshoes are a stretch fabric material that are worn over normal footwear or cycling shoes to provide an extra layer of protection when cycling. Overshoes are great as they protect your feet from cold and wet conditions as well as providing extra durability and visibility.

They are usually made from PU stretch waterproof lining that has a fleece lining; this protects you from rain or wet conditions and keeps you warm on the inside. The overshoes also feature reflective material that keep you safe in dark and low light conditions as other lights such as cars and street lights are reflected from your overshoes to keep you visible, alongside your other cycling reflective clothes .