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Enjoy Listening to Quality Radio with a DAB Tuner

A DAB Tuner allows you to listen to digital-quality radio from both national and local stations throughout the UK. Whether you combine it with other components to build a great hi-fi system or enjoy one on its own, a DAB tuner will certainly ramp up your audio entertainment. Whatever your requirements or budget, there is a DAB tuner for you on eBay.

What features should you look for in a DAB tuner?

DAB tuners can have a range of functions. Some popular functions that you can look for include:

  • Bluetooth connectivity: Connect devices wirelessly, so you can play your favourite audio directly through the speakers on your tuner.
  • Internet radio: Enjoy internet radio from over 25,000 stations around the world as well as your favourite DAB stations.
  • Optical and coaxial digital outputs: These allow you to connect your tuner to a digital amplifier.
  • Home network connectivity: Directly access and stream music from your home network.
  • Remote control: Many models come with a remote control for convenient handling.
Can you connect speakers to a DAB tuner?

DAB tuners are designed to be part of a hi-fi system and work with other hi-fi devices. This allows you to build a great system to meet your needs. Although they are not supplied with speakers, you can always connect your current speaker system to a DAB tuner to create your own hi-fi home audio system.

What does DAB mean?

DAB is an acronym that stands for Digital Audio Broadcast. Radio signals used to be transmitted via analogue frequencies, but now they are transmitted digitally. This means that listeners can benefit from higher quality sounds than before. You'll also have more choices when you use a DAB tuner because more broadcasters are transmitting signals using DAB technology than AM and FM. The number of DAB radio stations available for you to enjoy is continuously expanding. Using a DAB radio is also more environmentally friendly since transmitting signals with DAB technology uses less energy than FM.

What is DAB+

DAB+ is a technology that offers better sound quality than standard DAB tuners. Some models on eBay are able to support both DAB and DAB + transmissions. Although there are currently very few stations transmitting in this quality, the number will certainly increase over time.

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