DC 12V Home Lighting Parts & Accessories

Power up Your Equipment Conveniently with the 12v DC Power Supply

The 12v DC power supply unit powers up your DC equipment, such as LED light, directly from a 220v -240v mains power outlet. They are easy to operate and safe for use at home or the office. eBay stocks a variety of DC power supply units for different applications and price points.

How does the power supply work?

The DC power supply comes with a rectifier and some diodes to convert the AC to DC. The power is first lowered to 12v and then converted to positive and negative flows at the rectifier. The negative diode allows negative current to pass to the negative terminal and closes off when positive power comes by. The same happens to the positive diode.

Is the power supply safe to use at home?

Yes. All the circuits are enclosed in the casing, and there are no exposed wires. All you are required to do is to connect to the equipment you want to power up and plug into the power outlet. It also has inbuilt safety mechanisms to ensure a high level of safety so you stand no risk of electrocution. Visit the manufacturers website for more information on guidelines to using the power supply.

Are there precautions when using the power supply unit?

Yes. Just like with any other power supply system, there are precautions that you need to observe to ensure you are safe. Some of them include:

  • Do not disassemble the power supply or try to modify it in any way.
  • Never touch the terminals when you have already plugged into the power supply.
  • Keep the power supply unit away from water.
  • Do not plug several items into the same power outlet at the same time.
  • The power supply unit is to be used on a single equipment.
How do you know which is the right power supply unit?

When purchasing a power supply unit, consider the amperage. Check the power requirements on the equipments users manual. Also check the power terminals to determine what accessories you need to purchase to connect power. If the equipment uses a driver with a plug, you need a corresponding output adaptor where you can plug the equipment. Fortunately, most power supply units come with a complete unit and only require a few accessories. Check the manufacturers website for compatible accessories to a 12v DC power supply unit.