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Enjoy the Versatility of a VHS Video DVD Recorder

Buying a VHS video DVD recorder combo instead of two separate devices can save you a lot of space in your home and avoid a tangle of cables behind the TV. Apart from being able to watch films and home movies in a number of formats, a DVD/video recorder is extremely versatile. Some allow you to play footage directly from a camcorder, or convert older tapes into a different format without the fuss of hooking up two machines. In this way, you can keep memories of family events and special occasions alive for longer. There is a wide selection of VHS video DVD recorders on eBay, all at affordable prices.

How can you choose the right VHS/DVD combo for your needs? When looking through the wide variety of VHS/DVD combos available on eBay, you should consider:
  • Manufacturer: You can choose a branded or non branded model.
  • Features: Consider any additional built-in features you'll be using.
  • Accessories: Check if the combo is sold with power lead, HDMI cable, remote control, instruction manual, and/or other accessories.
  • Compatibility: You might need the combo to be compatible with other formats such as JPEG, MP3, and/or DivX/AVI.
What built-in functions does a VHS video DVD recorder have?

Apart from converting VHS tapes to DVD format (and vice versa), a VHS video DVD recorder can have a number of other built-in features such as:

  • Analogue and/or digital tuners to access Freeview.
  • A dual tuner to record from two separate digital channels or watch while recording is still in progress.
  • A SD card reader to transfer music, video, or photos from an electronic device.
  • Progressive scan to improve the picture quality.
  • USB input to allow you to play music files and digital images.
  • Upscaling to ensure a higher resolution of videos/films (usually to 1080p).
  • A hard drive recorder (usually up to 320GB) with a large storage capacity.
What are the benefits of a DVD video recorder with a hard drive?

If the VHS video DVD recorder incorporates a hard drive, this gives you the ability to record all or some of the film footage directly onto the hard drive. If the footage is too long for the DVD, it will automatically remain on the hard drive until you're ready to transfer it. DVD-R/+R discs allow you to record once while DVD-RW/+RW/RAM discs can be erased and re-recorded several times. Discs might be sold with the video DVD combo, or can be purchased separately on eBay.

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