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Damask Bed Linen and Sets

Damask bed linens and sets are high quality woven fabrics featuring either the classical Damask fabric or a Damask print design. Damask fabric is a luxury bedding material originating from Damascus, Syria. Authentic Damask material is made on a Jacquard Loom, and is often woven from silk, cotton, or rayon.

The continued allure of Damask fabric has meant that the term has become synonymous with a Damask pattern, generally a repeated design or print imitating the weave of the fabric.

Damask Design

Contemporary Damask bed linen design frequently draws upon the eastern origins of the fabric. Damask often features design motifs such as plant leaves, flowers, of feathers. More elaborate Damasks may feature stylised coats of arms, animals, or even entire images and scenes.

Why Damask Fabric?

Luxury Damask fabric is a high quality material that has been sought after for centuries. The fabric most frequently features monochromatic designs, contrasting light and dark. The weave of the material will give Damask a fantastic 'sheen' as it catches the light. The surface of Damask is embossed, creating a stylish and unique texture that cannot be replicated through other weaving techniques.

The ability of Damask to capture light enables Damask bedding to become a chic and stylish centrepiece in any bedroom. Equally the monochromatic designs means that Damask is not overpowering as it features many soft lines. In addition Damask is reversible, with the pattern inverted on the inside.

Damask fabric is made into a range of stylish bed sets and duvet covers . Damask fabric bed linen is available in the full pallet of colours. Damask fabric is frequently made in the Middle East, or else uses Middle Eastern silks and cottons.

Why Damask Pattern Print?

Damask fabric is relatively susceptible to abrasion. Damask pattern printed fabric is therefore generally more durable. In addition Damask print fabric is generally a lot cheaper than the Jacquard Loom variant. As with Damask fabric, Damask print is available in a great range of colours and designs.

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