Decorative Garden Stepping Stones

Decorative stepping stones for the garden are round, square or rectangular shaped blocks of material used for creating actual steps, or a step effect. 

Stepping stones vary greatly in their design, shape and colour and pattern.

Types Of Garden Stepping Stones

  • Wooden stepping stones - usually round, wooden stepping stones are commonly chunks of pine and may be used as traditional stepping stones, as a surround for a garden feature or as stands for garden pots
  • Concrete stepping stones - may be round, rectangular or square and are commonly themed with fairy, animal, fossil, plant or insect designs. They can be placed directly onto the surface, or dug into a surface
  • Glow in the dark stepping stones - these may be concrete stepping stones including glow in the dark pebbles, or they may be packs of glow in the dark pebbles designed to line or create a path which then subsequently glows in the dark.
  • Paving stone mould - usually made from plastic and designed for users to create their own paving stones out of concrete. You can also buy multiple moulds and use with concrete to create a paving stone effect path
  • Metal ornamental stepping stone - this may be one or a set of stepping stones made from metal that incorporate an intricate or unique design

The Benefits Of Garden Stepping Stones

  • Glow in the dark stepping stones may provide a useful safety and lighting feature in an outdoor space
  • Stepping stones are an attractive way of displaying your decorative plant pots
  • Garden stepping stones are useful for protecting grass and plants from footfall

Garden Stepping Stone Installation & Maintenance

  • Garden stepping stones may need to be dug into the surface they are intended to be featured upon. They may also need to be attached to a concrete base. 
  • If you choose stepping stones made from a perishable material like wood, they will need to be replaced or maintained more frequently than stone. 
  • Stepping stones may also need additional treatment to make them non-slip and they may need rinsing occasionally to remove dirt and debris.