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Dell Laptop Docking Stations

Docking stations are most often used for business purposes, where someone wishes to replicate the functionality of an office-based Dell desktop computer on their portable laptop. Dell laptop docking stations provide this level of functionality, allowing you to emulate the capacity of a traditional desktop machine, as well as potentially logging in to a central intranet or other type of computer network.

Advantages of laptop docking stations

A docking station is also known as a "port replicator", which highlights one of the main benefits of a docking station, which is that you can simply access all the other hardware you may wish to use without having to plug the machine directly into them individually.

So, for example, your office setup may feature a Dell printer , a scanner and a centralised network of the other computers being used. By plugging your laptop into the Dell docking station, your machine gains access to all these other pieces of hardware. This means you can connect your devices without having to link it up with all the necessary cables and wires.

Types of Dell docking stations

Some docking stations allow you to slot the laptop directly onto them, with the design being based on having elements that fit directly into your Dell laptop without having to use a separate cable. For example, like plugging a phone into a standalone phone charger unit.

Some Dell docking stations also come with different functionalities, such as having a separate monitor stand. This allows you to not only access the other hardware through the port replicator system, but also have a larger screen that you can access, simply by "docking" your laptop on the station.

About the Dell brand

Founded in the 1980s by Michael Dell, the firm built itself up to become one of the world's largest providers of computer equipment, with a wide range of laptops and desktop computers available for purchase.

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