Common Questions About Dell R710 Servers

The Dell R710 is a 2U rack server that can take up to two Quad Core and Six Core Intel Xeon 5500 and 5600 series processors for performance and power. Process more tasks simultaneously with Dell R710 with technology that adapts to the software used in real time. Many affordable options can be found in this vast eBay collection.

What is a rack server?

A rack server, sometimes referred to a rack-mounted server, is a computer that functions as a dedicated server and is designed to work within an environment called a rack. There are many mounting slots within a rack called bays, and each one is meant to hold a hardware unit secured with screws. Unlike tower servers which are built into upright, standalone cabinets, rack servers are maintained in low-profile enclosures.

Each rack can have multiple servers stacked one over the other to efficiently use network resources and minimise storage space. Special cooling systems are sometimes necessary to prevent heat build-up that can occur when a lot of power-dissipating components are used together in a tight space.

What are some features of the Dell PowerEdge R710 server?

Dell's R710 server uses less power and provides tools to help administrators manage systems remotely or on-site with the Enterprise upgrade key.

  • Performance: The two-socket, 2U server offers Intel's 5520 chipset to support up to as many as two Intel processors like the Xeon Quad Core or Six Core 5500 or 5600 series.
  • Memory: There are nine memory slots supported by each processor, and with two processors, you have 18 total memory slots. As much as 288 Gigabytes of DDR3 memory can be added to the server, and it can attain speeds of up to 1333MT/s.
  • Storage: Dell's R710 server offers several different storage methods to best suit your needs. There are 2 1/2-inch and 3 1/2-inch hard drive chassis choices given. SAS, SATA, and nearline SAS drives are features given to you, so you can include up to 18TB of total internal storage.
  • Expansion: Dell's PowerEdge R710 server has four PCIe 2.0 expansion slots and one storage slot. Install a wide selection of external and internal RAID controllers along with non-RAID external HBAs. A cohesive Matrox G200 module handles up to 8MBs of cache for video. Four BroadCom NetXtreme II 5709 gigabit Ethernet NICs with load-balancing and failover handles networking.
  • Management: Dell OpenManage is provided along with Microsoft System Center Essential (SCE) to handle systems management. For remote management, the iDRAC6 module is incorporated on the system board. It can be updated to Enterprise for any needed management features.
How do you select the right server for your business?

Rack servers, like Dell's R710, are suitable for small- to medium-sized businesses. Their size is ideal for businesses that want a lot of computing power — more than smaller blade servers — without a huge tower that takes a lot of space. Since rack servers are arranged vertically, they're easily stored on racks or convenient cabinets. Rack servers are easy to expand when needed, which can make them worthwhile investments.

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