Work in HD with a Dell UltraSharp U2412M Monitor

The award-winning Dell UltraSharp range has been designed for users who require accurate colour rendering, and is ideal for applications like photo or video editing. The monitor features a LED-backlit IPS panel that produces vibrant, lifelike colours and looks good on almost any desk. You can find a new or used Dell UltraSharp U2412M monitor on eBay.

Which input connections does the monitor accept?

The monitor features display port, DVI, and VGA connectors which allow users a lot of flexibility when it comes to input devices. The monitor comes with 5 built-in fast USB 2.0 connection ports that allow peripherals to be connected to the monitor instead of the computer chassis, this feature is quite handy when your computer chassis is hard to reach. The monitor offers neatly hidden connectors that make cable management a breeze.

Is the Dell UltraSharp U2412M suitable for gamers?

Yes, the monitor is a good choice for gamers who demand accurate colour renditions. The panel performs well when tasked with rendering high definition images and responds quickly to inputs. Dell has included a special “game” colour profile which automatically adjusts the monitor’s settings to optimum levels for gaming use.

Does the monitor feature energy saving technology?

Yes, the monitor is energy efficient and utilises several techniques to achieve lower energy consumption. A special energy saving profile can be activated from the monitor’s OSD menu which will adjust screen brightness in accordance with ambient lighting levels in the room. The use of LED backlighting further lowers the monitor’s overall energy consumption when compared with non-LED backlit monitor models.

Is the monitor user friendly?

Yes, Dell has designed the monitor to be easy to use. A good combination of aesthetics and ergonomics make the monitor quite user-friendly. The OSD menu is easy to navigate and allows the user to set the monitor up in no time at all. The monitor can be used straight out of the box and is 100% plug-and-play compliant.

What other features does the monitor have?

Dell U2412M monitors have several features, including:

  • Seven different pre-set colour profiles that can be selected via a dedicated button on the monitor bezel.
  • Adjustable monitor stand with the ability to vertically rotate the screen.
  • Built-in USB hub allows connection of external peripherals like memory drives.
  • The monitor is quite light and can easily be moved by a single person.
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