Diamond Painting Cross Stitch Kits

Diamond painting cross stitch kits for unique creations

This exciting and unique version of cross stitching is making waves in the crafting world. If youre looking to create a masterpiece, then this is the ideal way to do it and the fantastic designs available offers something to suit all tastes. Although similar to the concept of cross stitching, you dont actually cross stitch to make these fascinating creations. 

This craft is devised by matching the corresponding numbered crystals which match to particular areas on the canvas. Once you start going, you place the crystals close to each other, and your image will begin to appear. This type of crafting option is great for both kids and adults alike and is perfect for working together to create art. 

Something for everyone

Using these arts and crafts kits, you can find a myriad of designs by completing some simple steps. There is everything from animal diamond painting kits to fantasy images, and each is created with glittering stones to complete the look. Or, add a touch of nature to your home with a floral diamond painting cross stitch kit. Most come with full instructions and are a great way to relax and unwind as you make your new home decor piece. 

Cases and accessories

Due to the tiny stones and accessories that come with these hand embroidery kits, you might need to invest in a case to hold and organise the stones. There is a range of plastic and transparent cases that hold a number of stone types, and they feature a secure closure to ensure items are not lost during storage. These cases can also be used for other craft accessories depending on the size required. 

To help you create your artwork, there is also a selection of pen tools that can easily pick up and place stones on the canvas with ease. This avoids damaging the area with your fingers and makes the process quicker and easier.