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Dictaphones and Stenography

Often used by students to record lectures and the like, dictaphones and stenography devices are easy ways to record audio as and when the need arises. Originally these would have small tapes inside, but modern versions are purely digital, enabling you to transfer recordings to your computer for storage.

Advantages of a Dictaphone

Many mobile phones nowadays include the facility to record your voice. The main advantage of using a Dictaphone voice recorder instead of your phone is that they are designed to record for a longer period .

Phones incorporate many different functions, so their memory capacity is generally taken up with lots of different things. Voice recording equipment, on the other hand, is designed purely to record sound, so you know you'll be able to record many minutes or even hours worth of sound before the memory becomes full.

Some types of Dictaphone voice recorder

USB dictaphones and voice recorders plug directly into a computer USB socket. These are useful if you want to, for instance, carry them around with your laptop, so you can record your thoughts then transfer them directly to the laptop via the USB cable.

The majority of the Dictaphone equipment you can buy will be battery operated, either using standard disposable batteries or more commonly having a rechargeable battery, like a mobile phone. This makes them very easy to carry around with you, so you can record your thoughts wherever you happen to be when they occur to you.

In terms of versatility, mp3 player dictaphones allow you to record files as well as play your music. Many mp3 players have such functionality, but seeing as this is not their primary function, the recording quality is never as good.

Some will have bluetooth or wireless capabilities, to transfer files to cloud based systems or to your computer without having to find connectors.

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