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Got one to sell?

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Didgeridoos are the quintessential Australian musical instrument. The wind instrument has been developed over the past 1,500 years by Indigenous Australians and is now a popular instrument all over the world.

There are a wide variety of didgeridoos available to cater for players of all skill levels.

Things to consider before buying a didgeridoo

  • Quality – The main thing to consider when purchasing a didgeridoo is the quality of the instrument. There are many high quality didgeridoos available for all budgets, however, there are also countless low quality didgeridoos which are not designed to be played. These didgeridoos are built to be displayed, as they are harder to play and will be of a poorer build quality

The benefits of buying a didgeridoo

  • Range of materials – Didgeridoos are traditionally constructed from hardwoods, predominantly eucalyptus. However, didgeridoos are now available in a range of materials which can affect their sound and playability
  • Decoration – The decoration of a didgeridoo is traditionally important, and many modern didgeridoos are decorated by hand. If style is important to you there are a variety of different designs to choose from
  • Selection of keys – Didgeridoos come in a range of musical keys. As a drone instrument, a choice of keys allows to play in the correct key when performing with other musicians
  • All budgets catered for – Quality didgeridoos are available for all budgets, from beginner models through to professional concert grade instruments. If you are serious about playing the didgeridoo, it is best to avoid the very cheap models which are crafted more for display than playing
  • Portability – If you don’t mind breaking with tradition, modern didgeridoos are available in a variety of different shapes, including much smaller travel didgeridoos. Travel didgeridoos are highly portable, and provide a low-cost way for beginners to start learning the didgeridoo

Accessories and care

  • Accessories – There are a wide range of accessories available to help you care for your didgeridoo. Products such as beeswax for the mouthpiece or antiseptic didgeridoo cleaner ensures your didgeridoo remains in top condition
  • Stands and carry bags – Many people prop up their didgeridoos in a corner or against the wall where it has the risk of being damaged. A range of stands and protective cases are available to ensure that your didgeridoo is always protected.
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