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Diecast Tow Trucks

Made by most diecast toy and model manufacturers, diecast tow trucks are produced in many different styles. Some diecast vehicles are simply toys and do not represent real vehicles, whereas others are created as replicas of the real thing. Diecast tow trucks are enjoyed by children as toys and are collected by avid diecast collectors.

Lledo diecast tow trucks

Diecast model maker, Lledo features several diecast tow trucks in its selection of vehicles. Lledo's tow truck diecast vehicles represent the vintage commercial vehicles of well known companies.

The Lledo 'Days Gone' range of vintage vehicles was first launched in April 1983 and was intended to replicate the Matchbox series of Yesteryear diecast vehicles. The 'Days Gone' range includes diecast tow trucks with decorations that depict the livery of brands such as Mobile Oil and Sunaco Sun Oil. These diecast tow trucks, and other Lledo diecast toys , were made at the company's factory in Enfield, England.

Corgi Ford Tow Truck diecast vehicles

Other tow truck diecast vehicle models include, Corgi Ford 'Home Wrecker' diecast toy and Matchbox Super Trucks diecast vehicle range. The Super Trucks range of diecast trucks come with plastic accessories. There are also several diecast tow trucks in the Dinky diecast tow truck range.

Diecast tow truck toys

Diecast tow truck toys and models are made from non-ferrous metals, usually zinc, but sometimes copper, aluminium and magnesium are used in diecasting. The diecasting process raises the metal's temperature to 450 degrees centigrade, turning into a liquid state. The liquid metal is forced into the cavity of a diecast mould and then left to cool. Once it is cooled paint and other details are applied.

To add the finishing touches to diecast tow truck toys, other parts, such as the tyres, windows and lights are made from different materials, these include other metals, plastic, rubber and glass.

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