Finding your Digihome TV Match

The Digihome TV range has a respectable collection of features and models. Whether you need a Digihome smart TV or an Ultra HD screen, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a model that suits you. Digihome TV 32-inch television models are pocket-friendly, too, so your budget should be easy to stick to.

Which Digihome TV 50-inch features affect image quality?

Ultra HD screens provide four times the detail of traditional HD televisions, but Digihome also offers streaming, DVDs, and even Freeview.

  • A Digihome TV DVD combo gives you a holistic home entertainment system.
  • Check your Digihome TV manual for information on Ethernet connections, VGA cables, and HDMI.
  • Edge-lit screens are narrow, while LED screens provide more clarity along with a wider viewing angle.
  • Consider 4k televisions if you stream Netflix and other channels.
What accessories are best for your TV?

Your Digihome TV 42-inch will need a range of accessories beyond the obvious Digihome TV remote.

  • Fixed or fully-articulating wall mounts or stands will be needed to place your set.
  • The Digihome TV remote app extends your smart TV to all your mobile devices.
  • Some Digihome televisions have superb audio, but a home cinema speaker system or sound bar will greatly improve upon your viewing experience. Read Digihome TV review sites to get an accurate idea of your set's audio quality.
  • Your smart TV must connect to a Wi-Fi router or Ethernet cable. A powerline adapter will let you connect them at greater distances.
  • Your TV should have at least one USB port.
What TVs are in the Digihome range?

Digihome’s range is relatively small and focusses on packing features into economical sets. The brand offers a varied selection of approaches to image quality, so your Digihome TV setup can be selected to suit your preferences precisely.

  • The 43FHS161 is an LED smart TV with a full HD image.
  • The 43UHDCNTD offers a 4k image with Freeview Play compatibility. Streaming will be possible in 4k. See the manufacturer site for details.
  • The 49UHDHDR offers a high dynamic range to bring brightness to your 4k image. The set gives you access to BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub.
  • All smart Digihome TVs have a dedicated Smart Centre app that lets you share content with your phone. The application also supports voice commands.
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