Disabled Beds

Rest Comfortably with a Disabled Bed

To enjoy a relaxing nights sleep even with a chronic condition, use a disability bed. Options on eBay can be easily adjusted to suit your unique needs and prevent bed sores, even if you have a physical impairment that makes lifting objects difficult.

Can a disabled bed boost circulation?

Most people can use their disabled bed to help boost circulation, by adjusting their bed so that their legs are above their head. This is simple to do via a lever or knob on the bed, with the help of a personal assistant. This process can help to alleviate swelling in your lower limbs, and it is recommended that this is completed with medical supervision.

Are all disabled beds powered?

No, but many are. Some have to be adjusted manually and require a little physical strength from the person who is assisting you, who uses a winding mechanism or a lever. Those that are powered can be easily adjusted via a handset, and usually work quietly.

Can a bed prevent a user from sliding?

Yes. Several beds are designed to keep the person using it comfortably in position. These are often divided into three sections, and can be adjusted to form a knee break by raising the knees. This prevents sliding and is helpful when you cannot adjust yourself quickly. These beds are safer than regular double beds, and you can find units that have even more sections, such as:

  • Four-section beds that allow you to turn in several stable positions.
  • Beds which keep your bottom horizontal and stable in a variety of knee positions.
  • Five-section beds that provide a wide range of positions, increasing comfort for people who have special needs that are alleviated by adjusting their head or tilting a backrest in different positions.
Do all disability beds have tilting headboards

Tilting headboards are not found on all disability beds, and some users may find that beds have other features that provide a similar benefit, such as free standing backrests. Headboards are designed to be pulled forward from the base and provide a backrest in that way. They are helpful but often require manual operation, so personal assistants have to twist or bend, which can put their bodies under strain.

Is a disabled bed fire safe?

Disabled beds sold on eBay are required to meet the standards set out by the Furniture and Furnishings act. Each part of the bed is tested to ensure that it meets the regulations.