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Disney Children's Night Lights

Night lights are very comforting for children at bedtime and what could be more comforting or magical than Disney children's night lights. Children can be soothed to sleep by the gentle glow of a Disney night light with a huge range of innovative and creative products to choose from, all featuring Disney images and designs. These night lights are sure to result in some very pleasant dreams.

Various light activation options

Depending on how long parents want the light to remain on for and the level of other ambient light in the bedroom, Disney night lights are available with various light activation options and methods.

There are plug in night lights and battery powered night lights available, allowing you to choose the most suitable one for your child's bedroom. Battery powered night lights are the safest option, as they prevent your child from being tempted to play with the wire and the plug.

There are also push activated lights and even motion sensor night lights , which are perfect for providing a low, comforting light when a child is disturbed or gets up and needs to navigate the room at night without tripping.

Disney film and character themes galore

There are Disney themed night lights to suit every child and they can be found featuring a variety of much loved Disney characters. Whether your child likes films such as Frozen or Cars, or they love characters such as Tinkerbell, Minnie Mouse, Dory, Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh, there is a night light that is perfect just for them. These and many other Disney themed night lights are all available to choose from.

Ceiling projectors, LED wall pictures and more

As well as lamps and simple plug in or push down night lights, there are a range of Disney night lights available that have more elaborate designs. Included amongst these are themed ceiling projectors, where multiple scenes from Disney films can be gently cast onto the bedroom ceiling. In addition to these, there are other unique light emitting Disney items to choose from including magical, light up LED wall pictures which feature familiar Disney faces and designs.

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