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The Advantages of Display Fridges

If you're setting-up or upgrading any kind of retail premises dealing with the sale of perishable food or drink that needs to be served cold, a glass-fronted display fridge, can be a powerful advertising tool. These fridge types are designed to showcase the goods inside at their most desirable, and they can generate a good amount of impulse sales. You can find a great variety of them on eBay, designed for the various sizes and requirements of food shops, cafes, restaurants, and other businesses.

How do display fridges make their contents look desirable?

This depends on the type and model. There's a wide range, but the various types have features in common, such as:

  • Drinks fridges: Large fridges that display drink cans, bottles, and cartons usually have very bright, neutral, white lighting inside. Everything can be seen clearly through the two or three large glass doors, and it all looks very clean and cold inside.
  • Counter-top fridges: These smaller fridges are great for displaying desserts and pastries that are fresh and appetising. Placing them on a counter brings the contents closer to head height so passing customers are more likely to notice them. Counter-top fridges come in all shapes and often have transparent sides and tops, too, so their contents can be seen from most directions.
  • Under-counter fridges: These small fridges aren't designed to have the visual impact of the others. They're designed, instead, to offer extra capacity and be used as needed. Even when not visible to customers, their glass door enables staff to view the contents and quickly retrieve whatever is needed.
How are the running costs of display fridges?

Many models are designed to offer energy savings through well-designed technology and the use of energy-efficient components, such as LED lighting. Common-sense measures can be applied too, like ensuring some space between the fridge and adjacent walls to prevent overheating and reduced efficiency. If the fridge has door heaters to prevent frosting or condensation on the glass obscuring the contents, turning them off when not needed is another way to save money.

Which brands of display fridges are available?

Many well-known industry brands, such as Polar, Blizzard, Tefcold, and Interlevin are available. A look through the 'Display Fridge' listings on eBay will show all brands. There are also many secondhand display fridges being sold on eBay by previous owners at a wide range of prices.

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