A Practical Guide to Buying a DJ Booth

In a nightclub or a bar, a DJ booth may be a permanent installation even though visiting performance DJs may bring their own decks and other equipment along to use inside them. This is not the case for mobile DJs, however, who may need to set up in places without them. If so, then you will need a DJ booth of your own, which can be easily transported. Thankfully, there are many options available to you on eBay.

What does a DJ booth consist of?

Although you can find the occasional custom DJ booth on eBay, many will conform to certain standard designs. Most are made from hollow, rectangular sections of aluminium or steel, for example, which makes them robust yet lightweight. They create a platform on which you can place your decks and mixing console, along with a place to store CDs and vinyl if needed. Other key features to look out for include:

  • An optional lighting rig onto which you can hang PAR can stage lights.
  • A front-facing screen that hangs over the front of the booth.
  • A carry bag or flight case.
Can you buy solid DJ booths on eBay?

Although most mobile DJ booths are made from cross-sections of metal and you then place a cover or a folding screen in front, some are much more solid. Look for a flight case-style of DJ booth if this is what you are after. You can use this type to store much of your DJ equipment when it is not in use. When DJing, however, the case is often placed on its side to create a solid platform for you to use as a base for your turntables and mixer.

How large should a DJ booth be?

This depends on how much equipment you need to place on it. DJs with twin turntable decks and a four-channel mixer will require quite large DJ booths. Big units tend to be sold under imperial measurements and are typically four foot long. That said, if you use a dedicated DJ console that tends to take up less space than an analogue setup, you can get away with a correspondingly smaller booth. Always check the manufacturer’s site for details.

Why is a DJ booth important?

Not only does a DJ booth give you a place from which to work, but it will also provide a barrier between you and the audience. This can be helpful when you are performing, and stops people from placing drinks too close to your equipment.