Important Facts About the Pioneer DJM-500 DJ Mixer

When it comes to DJs, the mixer is their instrument and what they use to control the entire show. Pioneer is known for making world-class DJ mixers like the DJM-500 DJ mixer. To learn more about one of these Pioneer DJM-500 DJ mixers before purchasing one, check out some of these frequent questions from customers shopping for them on eBay.

Does the Pioneer DJM-500 DJ mixer have EQ?

Yes, each channel on the mixing board has its own 3-band equalizer. Each of the three pots represents a different range in the audio. You can use these knobs to brighten or darken the mix by boosting or cutting high range, midrange, and subsonic frequencies. There is also a 3-band parametric EQ that you can use to apply to the master channel.

What inputs does the Pioneer DJM-500 mixer have?

The Pioneer DJM-500 DJ mixer has a variety of different inputs DJs can use to enhance their performance. That includes two microphone inputs. When it comes to adding instruments, there are two inputs for CD players, three phono inputs, and two line inputs for instruments, such as drum machines and samplers. The design of the Pioneer DJM-500 DJ mixer gives performers all-in-one flexibility while performing live. For monitoring, there are both XLR monitor outputs and headphone outputs with assignable 3-band EQ and effects like reverb and echo.

What are some of the features of the mixer?

This Pioneer DJM-500 DJ mixer is a professional-level mixer, so it can perform all the functions you need to perform a professional mix. The following are some of the premiere features on the Pioneer DJM-500 DJ mixer.

  • Auto pan: Set the auto pan to switch manually or program it to match the BPM of any song at an inhuman pace.
  • Auto BPM: Only Pioneer mixers have Auto BPM technology, which match the tempo of any song automatically. This BPM counter can be applied to effects and used to sync with upcoming tracks.
  • Meter: Each channel on the board has a level meter, allowing you to ensure the signal isn't peaking on any of the channels.
  • Crossfader cues: Use the crossfader to pull up cue points in the music that you have saved along the way.
  • Beat indicator: This light indicates to you when the mixer links to the beats per minute of the song so that you don't have to go digging through any menus when performing live.
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