A DJs Guide to the DJM 700 Mixer

A discontinued DJ mixing console that was produced by Pioneer, the DJM 700 was originally available in two colours, black and silvery grey. A number of used DJM 700 units come up for sale on eBay and many of them are in exceptionally good condition thanks to the robust engineering that went into these consoles. Marketed as a mid-range 4-channel mixer, the DJM 700 was designed to offer many of the features available with the Pioneer DJM 800, its sister product.

What are the key features of a DJM 700?

Offering a filter on pre-output audio and full MIDI connectivity, the DJM-700 was designed to appeal to a wide range of DJs, not just those who wanted a crossfader for their decks with a couple of additional effects. This digital DJ mixer includes a 32-bit digital signal processing unit which can handle all sorts of advanced audio processing techniques. These include:

  • 13 beat effects.
  • Enhanced roll sampling.
  • Automatic BPM sampler.
  • 49 assignable MIDI controls.
What inputs does a DJM offer?

For DJs who work with all sorts of audio equipment, not just vinyl turntables, a choice of different input types is essential. The Pioneer DJM 700 provides no fewer than 3 phono RCA jacks which function at line level plus 5 RCA jacks which function at pre-amplified CD levels. In addition, you get a microphone input and a send/return input using a 1/4-inch jack plus a handy XLR input, too.

How large is a DJM 700 mixer?

A key consideration for anyone upgrading from a 2-channel mixer to a 4-channel one is the amount of additional space it will take up, especially given the sometimes cramped conditions you find in DJ booths. The DJM 700 is reasonably compact with a width of 320 mm and a depth of 378.4 mm. It stands 107.9 mm high. See the manufacturer site for details.

What sort of crossfader does a DJM 700 have?

The crossfader is a crucial part any mixer's functionality for many DJs who use them a great deal. The Pioneer DJM 700 sports a carbon rail crossfader which is curve assignable. You can also replace them in the field, so it may be worth checking whether the one supplied with the unit you are considering is an original or a replacement.

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