Everything You Need to Know about Choosing a Pioneer Djm 900 Dj Mixer

Whether you like to mix music as a hobby or as part of your job, having the right mixing board makes a big difference. A professional-grade mixing board gives you more flexibility to add different effects and combine songs. On eBay, you can choose from new and used Pioneer DJM 900 DJ mixers at a variety of price points.

What are some of the features of the DJM 900?

Some of the available features of the Pioneer DJM 900 mixing board include:

  • PC and Mac compatible - Use either a PC or a Mac with the operating system and mixing software of your choice to add sounds and input files.
  • Four-band equaliser - This allows you to create different balance combinations.
  • MP3 and CD compatible - It accepts digital and analogue file formats.
  • Beats per minute counter - This feature allows you to set up different effects or fades with the beat.
  • Line and phono switch - Rapidly change between different input types when mixing the songs.
What are the inputs and outputs on the DJM 900?

The available inputs and outputs for this DJM 900 mixing board include digital RCA, coaxial, phono, USB, and XLR. These units also have two mic inputs for adding the voices of two different people into the music. It accepts up to four phono inputs. There mixing board also has dual USB ports, allowing you to connect MP3 players, smartphones, tablets, or laptops to it.

What types of mixing functions does the DJM 900 perform?

The available mixing functions are:

  • Cross fading - This allows you to fade beats or songs into each other.
  • Talk over - You can add your own voice at a louder volume than the music or lyrics.
  • Speed changer - Increase or decrease the speed of the song by 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, or more at 1/4 increments.
  • Filters - Remove some of the frequencies from the audio.
  • Effects - Add different effects to the audio.
How do you choose a DJM 900 mixer on eBay?

When shopping for a durable DJM mixer on eBay, consider its:

  • Kit - Some of the mixers include software, power cables, adapters, and user manuals.
  • Style - There are free and rack-mounted units on eBay.
  • Condition - There are new and used units available.
  • Software - It may work with Traktor or Serato mixing software on a laptop or desktop computer.
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