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Dog Bark Control

Dogs bark for many reasons – they could be giving a warning, sounding an alarm or simply signalling a desire for active play. 

By controlling your dog’s excessive loud barking you can teach your pet how to bark on command and show who’s the master in your home.

Differences between vibration, ultrasonic and spray control

  • Dog collars - Dog training collars that control your dog’s barking comfortably secure around your pet’s neck. The collar is fitted with a device that vibrates to remind your pooch to stop the noise.
  • Dog stations - Ultrasonic sound waves are emitted from portable dog stations and can travel up to 50 feet. These obedience devices are designed to change your dog’s behaviour and to teach bark control.
  • Dog bark control sprays - Safe and effective pet correction sprays are used as a part of obedience training. When activated, the spray can makes a loud hissing noise that instantly distracts your dog from barking excessively.

The benefits of dog barking control

When your dog barks for the right reasons it’s easier for you to understand what they are trying to tell you. By teaching your dog the correct response you are building confidence and trust in your relationship with your pet. 

As a dog owner you’ll also become more confident in handling any situations when your dog does bark for the right reasons.

Different types of ultrasonic, shock and anti bark spray control

  • Ultrasonic Devices - Humane ultrasonic bark control devices range from snap on dog collars with an attached anti bark aid, to portable remote control style hand-held devices, and wireless wall mounted training aids.
  • Shock and remote bark control - Compact and lightweight anti bark control devices are attached to a dog collar and emit increasing sound and gradual shock. The high-frequency sound warns the dog that a shock is coming, if the barking does not cease.
  • Anti bark sprays - Pet corrector sprays are designed to teach domesticated pets how to behave. The lightweight can sprays are available in portable 50ml and 200ml sizes, and emit a high-pitched hiss that dogs quickly learn to pay attention to.
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