Dog Dishes & Feeders

Ensuring your dog is always well nourished and hydrated is beneficial to their health. Choose food and drink bowls that are suitable for regular meal times.

  • Practical and functional - standard dog bowls and dishes are available in a range of sizes to cater for any appetite. They are easy to clean and reuse
  • Perfectly sized - dog dishes and feeders are available to suit your specific breed. Dual water/food bowls are ideal for small dogs whereas raised bowls are perfect for larger dogs

Different types of dog dishes and feeders

  • Automatic feeder - if you’re not always available to feed your pet personally, an automatic feeder will ensure they get their dinner on time. There are a variety of automatic feeders that range from digital servers that release food into a tray, to dishes that store enough food servings for up to six days
  • Standard dishes - classic round dog bowls are available in a selection of sizes, styles and materials. Some stainless steel dishes combine feeding and water compartments
  • Raised bowls - larger dogs will appreciate a raised bowl at mealtimes. Most stainless steel raised bowls are supplied with an adjustable height stand and two bowls
  • Water fountain - ensure your dog is always well hydrated by keeping water stored in an easy to access drink dispenser. Quench your dog’s thirst by filling up a drinking fountain, or providing a dual compartment food/drink dish or bowl. When travelling a practical and versatile portable drink dispenser and feeder is all that you need. Non-spill travel water bowls have a Velcro base that attaches to carpet, and are great for all forms of travel. They can also be used at home
  • Pet food containers – Make sure your dog only eats at feeding time by storing dry food in a secure pet food container