Dog Tags and Charms

Dog tags and charms are attached to a dog’s collar to help identify a dog and reunite them with their owners should they become lost. 

They are suitable for all breeds of dog and are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colours. 

When meeting a dog who does not seem to have an owner with them, most people would look to see if it has a collar with a tag with useful information. 

Types of dog tags and charm

Dog tags and charms are available in different sizes, shapes, and materials. These materials can include stainless steel, brass and plastic


Many dog tags and charms are suitable for personalisation through engraving or other methods. 

This personalisation can include the dog’s name, the owner’s contact details for reuniting dog and owner and any special information someone else may need to know, such as a member of the public, a dog warden or a vet. 

Benefits of dog tags and charms

  • Reunite - Having the owner’s contact details on the tag means that if the dog should ever get lost, the dog and owner can be reunited quickly and easily. With a dog tag or charm, it is more obvious that the dog is owned and cared for
  • Identification - When you have more than one dog who look similar, the tag helps you confidently identify each dog. This is very important if a particular dog has specific dietary or medical requirements.
  • Safety - Dog tags and charms can be reflective which helps keep your dog that bit safer near roads. LED dog tags are available for extra roadside and night-time safety
  • Medical – Should a dog get hurt when away from its owner then contact details speeds up a vet getting in touch enabling essential medical treatment to be carried out. Without this information, some vets are unable to help your dog

Using a dog tag or charm

Dog tags and charms are attached to a dog collar by a metal ring or clip. Attachments are often included with the dog tag and sometimes with your dog’s collar. 

A tag or charm can be kept clean simply through wiping with a damp cloth. Brass tags may also benefit from polishing with a brass cleaning solution.