Dog Whelping Supplies

Help your dog through the whelping process - when a dog gives birth to her puppies - and ensure she and her puppies remain safe and healthy throughout with essential whelping supplies. 

Whether assisting with the actual births, or dealing with identification afterwards, there are supplies available to make everything go smoothly.

Types of Whelping Supplies

  • Whelping kit – includes a full range of accessories that may be necessary for use during the whelping process. This may include scissors, identification collars, sterile gloves, cord clamps and lubricating jelly.
  • Whelping forceps – a surgical device for helping the puppies out of their mother’s womb.
  • Umbilical cord scissors – in case the mother doesn’t chew through the cord – something many dogs don’t do.
  • Identification bands / collars – aimed at dog breeders, these allow you to identify a particular puppy from the moment of birth right through to when they leave you.
  • Puppy weighing scales – so you can find out how heavy each of your pups is at the time they are born.
  • Puppy milk supplement – allows you to feed your puppies if they have trouble getting milk from their mother.
  • Puppy feeding syringes – help to feed your puppies with this weaning aid.
  • Sterile gloves – for you to wear if assisting with the whelping process.
  • Iodine – to prevent infection after cutting the umbilical cord.
  • Umbilical cord clamp – to stem the flow of bleeding if there is any.

Benefits of Whelping Supplies

  • Safety – keeps your dog and puppies safe as you help with the birth process.
  • Hygienic – keeps everything clean and sterile, like in the maternity ward at a hospital.
  • Identification – allows you to identify each of your new puppies and track them throughout their time with you, even going to the lengths of being able to record their weight as newborns.
  • Painless – gives your female dog and her puppies the best chance of having a pain free birth, with you helping out (like a doggy midwife).
  • Training – can allow you to start training your puppies for milk suckling right from the moment of birth, if they aren’t ready to do so by themselves.