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Protect Yourself and Your Guests with a Door Canopy

To protect yourself from heavy rain or sun as you enter or leave your home, use a door canopy in a style or colour that suits your decor. Stylish alternatives on eBay let you comfortably get your keys and put down grocery bags, while sheltering your entrance area from damaging dust, harsh sunlight, and other destructive elements. The right selection can give your home more personality, and all types can be easily fitted to any residence.

Can door canopies stand up to heavy snow?

An over door canopy is made of strong materials such as metal or glass-reinforced polyester, so it will handle the weight of heavy snow. Those made with glass-reinforced polyester are fire-retardant, UV-resistant, and easy to repair, while being recyclable at the end of their service life.

What options are available for a traditional over door canopy?

Many clean, traditional styles are available in door canopies, which suit individuals who want a pitched, tiled roof, with the accompanying columns and other features, such as decorative fluting and pilasters. You can select a classic period canopy on eBay that is made in the following styles:

  • Regency.
  • Victorian.
  • Edwardian.
How long can your canopy be?

The canopies available sometimes have a modular design, making it easy for you to adjust the length to suit the space you have, so the projection of your canopy from your wall to the canopy front can be as much as 4 metres. The natural curve of these canopies allows them to be easily cleaned by rain, while ensuring that water does not collect on top. Long canopies complement your doorway, and offer the following benefits:

  • Some are clear polycarbonate canopies, with white engineering plastic brackets, that allow some sunlight through.
  • A door canopy can be assembled with other canopies to create roofing canopies for your bicycles, motorcycles, or garden sheds.
  • Rust-resistant aluminium end strips are placed on some modern door canopies to extend their service life.
Does a door canopy help with insulation?

Many people get a door canopy because it protects their front door and surrounding areas from the worst of the weather, and forms a barrier against cold wind during the winter, thereby reducing your heating costs. On hot days, canopies block direct sunlight from hitting your home, so your house stays cool naturally, and you save on air conditioning.

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