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Update Your Bedroom With a Double Bed Frame or Divan Base

Double bed frames or beds with divan bases are a great way to update the look of your bedroom or just to add a bit more comfort to your sleeping arrangements. The base can add a bit more height or support to your large or small double beds, and a bed frame can help reflect your personal style or decor. Understanding the common features of these reasonably priced double bed options can help you choose your model. 

Main features of double bed frames 

Double beds with frames come in a variety of styles that can include several features for your convenience, such as the following:  

  • Headboard - If you like to read in bed at night, a king size bed with a headboard could be a great option. Some headboards feature carvings or storage space of their own.
  • Nightstands - Various double beds such as the raised oak double bed frame might include built-in compartments or shelves that act as nightstands.
  • Folding capabilities - Some small double ottoman beds can fold up when not in use to save space and give you more room during the day.
  • Storage - Both standard double beds and double ottoman beds might feature extra storage space under the bed frame itself. You can use a double bed with storage to keep your bedroom tidy or store additional sheets and blankets.

Finishing options for a double bed frame or divan 

If one of the reasons you're getting a new or pre-owned double bed frame and divan base is to update the look of your room, the finish you choose could be one of the deciding factors. The finish goes over the base material of the double bed frame to give it some unique characteristics. You can choose from options such as brass, chrome, nickel, or copper. You can also choose antique versions of each of these. 

What types of double beds are there? 

Double bed frames come in different styles. This can be a great way to start the choosing process for your ideal new or used double bed frame. Some options you'll have here are the following:  

  • Adjustable - These kinds of frames allow you to make changes to the double bed size to suit your preferences. In most cases, you can raise or lower the height of the overall frame.
  • Classic - Small double beds or double ottoman beds come in the classic style for those who prefer a traditional look. The standard frame supports a double mattress and may or may not include a headboard.
  • Four poster - Along with the standard double frame, these beds include four supports at each corner. You may like this option if you prefer a double bed with intricate details or carvings.
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